How long will it take?

I might suggest that we have a certain number of sessions, then a review. However some individuals prefer to have a fixed number of sessions.

Will I have to come for a long time?

Some patients like to agree from the start how many sessions they will have. While others do not know how long they will need, and may prefer an open-ended contract in which relationships and issues can be explored in a deeper and more meaningful way. This is something which can be thought about and re-evaluated at any point in the therapy. Ideally therapy is open-ended which alleviates the pressure from the therapeutic relationship, creating a more ideal environment to allow us to organically explore the issues brought to therapy.

How will I know when to finish?

At the beginning of therapy, we will explore what you wish to achieve from the experience. We will have the chance to regularly reflect on and review these aims together. The end of therapy is an important part of the process and I recommend it is done in a planned manner with time to discuss. I strongly encourage that we have at least a month in which to process the ending – however, it is of course up to you when you choose to leave.

Will you tell me what to talk about during the session?

Each session is your space. There is no right or wrong. It is up to you to decide to talk about whatever you need to at the time.

What if I don’t know what to say in the session?

The session is your chance to talk about whatever is on your mind. Even if this feels strange at first, people are often surprised to discover how quickly they are able to overcome their initial discomfort and discuss what is troubling them.

Psychotherapy takes place in an unusual way in that you will talk about your anxieties, but I do not tell you about myself, other than that I am an unbiased professional therapist, and that anything discussed in our sessions is confidential, unbiased and  without judgement.

I feel my problem is too small for therapy?

If you are experiencing anxiety – no matter how big or small –  psychotherapy can help you find a way to think about it with a fresh perspective. Most people find this incredibly helpful. I am not there to judge the size or nature of a problem, but instead to help you think about, help you make sense of it and understand your feelings, so that you feel less troubled.

How do I pay?

I invoice people at the end of each calendar month, and you can pay by bank transfer. Unfortunately, I cannot accept credit or debit cards or cash.

Do you work online?

I do work online but not exclusively (lockdown aside) as I find psychodynamic psychotherapy is more effective when we are in the room together.  While it is preferred to meet in person, I do offer patients the option of meeting online to accommodate their schedules.